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WebSpellChecker Software Maintenance Agreement

1. Preamble

WebSpellChecker LLC (“WebSpellChecker”) provides hosted and licensed spell checking technology and services. This Agreement regulates the maintenance and support for the licensed version of the WebSpellChecker.net application.

2. Content of Services

2.1 Support and Maintenance Services

WebSpellChecker shall provide the following support and maintenance services for the product licensed by the customer:

  • Provision of available major upgrades.
  • Information via email when new major versions of the application are available.

These services shall be limited to the number of server licenses and for the terms of the Maintenance Agreement.

The maintenance agreement shall be provided only for a full set of the licenses purchased by the Customer. The Customer shall not receive the technical support for separate licenses.

2.2. Email Support

For the term of this Agreement, WebSpellChecker shall provide email support during WebSpellChecker technical support team business hours. Such support will include the opportunity to consult with a member of the WebSpellChecker technical support who will assist the Customer with the Software capabilities, functionality and provide basic problem resolution assistance as required. Technical Support contact email: support[at]webspellchecker.net.

2.3. Telephone Support

For the term of this Agreement, WebSpellChecker shall provide telephone support in the following manner: Queries for specific technical problems and failures are possible at any time. For this purpose, the customer shall leave a message indicating the exact problem description. WebSpellChecker ensures response (via phone or e-mail) within the working day after next during WebSpellChecker technical support team business hours.

2.4. Live Chat Help

Support can be provided by using live chat help on the webspellchecker.net website during WebSpellChecker technical support team business hours.

2.5. Subject Matter of Support Services

The subject matter of support services above is the help with operation problems and alleged program errors. This support does not cover training or consulting services. Features development is not supported by this Agreement also and may be provided for an additional cost. Feature examples: modification of the product’s behaviour, changes to the licensing subsystem, support of additional languages for spell-checking, changes of the user interface, application program interface, etc.

2.6. WebSpellChecker technical support team business hours

Business hours for WebSpellChecker support team is the period of time from 10.00 a.m. through 7.00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern European Time, excluding holidays. Support outside of these hours may be provided for an additional cost of $125 per hour and must be arranged ahead of time.

3. Payments

Any and all support and maintenance services under this Agreement shall be compensated by an annual rate. The fees are due for payment annually in advance upon invoicing by WebSpellChecker.