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WebSpellChecker.net Floating License Mechanism Pricing

The WebSpellChecker.net Floating License Mechanism stands for environments with dynamic hardware configuration. The main goal of the functionality is to automate WebSpellChecker.net license management on the servers with WebSpellChecker.net application which are running under load balancer.

The Floating License functionality consists of two types of AppServers: Master and Slaves. Please check the Floating License Deployment Scheme bellow.

Master AppServer (Licensing server) is a separate package that contains the AppServer only with the Floating License mechanism functionality. It doesn't provide any spell-checking functionality. It is aimed for license delivering only and the payment is not charged for this type of the AppServer. The payment is charged for the licenses of Slave AppServers only.

For example, if you have 1 Master AppServer with configured 3 Slave AppServers like it is shown on our Floating License Deployment Scheme, you will need to purchase 3 WebSpellChecker.net server licenses. The total price will be $6,500.00, which includes:

  • 1 Main WebSpellChecker.net Server License ($3,500.00) and
  • 2 Additional WebSpellChecker.net Server Licenses ($1,500.00 x 2).

To get more details about pricing, please contact .