WebSpellChecker.net Wiki

WebSpellChecker plug-in for TinyMCE 4

Integration manual

  1. Download the WSC plugin for TinyMCE
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip archive and copy the extracted WSC directory to the TinyMCE 4 plugins directory (by default: \tinymce\js\tinymce\plugins\). Note! Folder name should be ”wsc”.
  3. Specify the core URI of the WSC plugin (see sample, line 8).
  4. Edit HTML page that contains TinyMCE 4. Register WSC plug-in (see sample, line 13), and add it to TinyMCE 4 toolbar (see sample, line 14).
    Specify desired type of popup (look and feel - lf) - 118 for modal popup or 18 for separate window (see sample, line 15). Note! Only one type of lf can be declared on one page at the same time.
  5. Specify the WSC popup title (see sample, line 16).
  6. Specify the initial spell check language name. Now supported: en_US, da_DK, en_GB, nl_NL, fr_FR, nb_NO, el_GR, de_DE, pt_PT, it_IT, es_ES, pt_BR, sv_SE. (see sample, line 17.)

Installation sample