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SCAYT plug-in for TinyMCE 4 integration

Integration manual

  1. Download and install TinyMCE editor.
  2. Download SCAYT plug-in for TinyMCE.
  3. Unpack the downloaded zip archive and copy the extracted SCAYT folder to the TinyMCE 4 plug-ins directory (by default: \tinymce\js\tinymce\plugins\). Note! Folder name should be “scayt” for SCAYT plug-in.
  4. Edit HTML page that contains TinyMCE. Register SCAYT plug-in (see sample, line 11), and add it to TinyMCE 4 toolbar (see sample, line 12).
  5. For Licensed version: specify the URL to the SCAYT core library (see sample, line 28) ( for example: http://your_host/spellcheck/lf/scayt3/tinymce/tinymcescayt.js”)
  6. Set up SCAYT settings (see sample, lines 19-75)

Installation sample