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Before the Installation Please Review

Installing Licensed WebSpellChecker on Windows Server 2008

1. Start → Server Manager → Roles → Add Role Services → Check “CGI” in “Application Development” and “IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility” → Install

2. Install the WebSpellChecker application. Skip Request License step during installation. Licensed WebSpellChecker Installation Instructions

3. Start → IIS Manager → Connections → Select your server → ISAPI and CGI Restrictions → Actions → Add → In “ISAPI or CGI path” field input path to ssrv.cgi file. For example:

"C:\Program Files\WebSpellChecker\WebComponents\WebInterface\script\ssrv.cgi"

Use double quotes for path if it contains spaces) → Check “Allow extension path to execute” → OK

4. Start → All Programs → WebSpellChecker → AppServer → Request license (“Run as Administrator” from right-click contextmenu)

5. Start → All Programs → WebSpellChecker → AppServer → Start AppServer Service (“Run as Administrator” from right-click contextmenu)

To check that WebSpellChecker.net WebInterface works, open the following URL in your browser:


If you have enabled CGI correctly, you will see the version of the installed Web Interface core script (ssrv.cgi).

In Order to Check Current Status of the WebSpellChecker.net Application Please Use the Following Links: