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Before the Installation Please Review

Installing Licensed WebSpellChecker on Windows Server 2003

  • Allow WebSpellChecker.net CGI script to run on your IIS Server.

After initial installation, IIS Server included in Windows 2003 disables for security reasons all web server extensions, including CGI extension that WebSpellChecker.net application heavily relies on.

In order to enable WebSpellChecker.net CGI script, open IIS Manager and locate the “Web Service Extensions” node in the tree on the left panel. After you click this node, you will see all the extensions installed for your IIS. In the extensions window click “Add a new Web service extension…”, type “spellchecker.net web interface” in the Extension name field (or any other suitable name), click Add button, type or choose “path to file” and click ok:

C:\Program Files\WebSpellChecker\WebComponents\WebInterface\script\ssrv.cgi

Then mark checked “set extension status to allowed” and click ok.

  • Check that WebSpellChecker.net WebInterface works.

In your browser, open the following URL:


If you have enabled CGI correctly, you will see the version of the installed Web Interface core script (ssrv.cgi)

Note for Windows 2003 users: By default, JavaScript is disabled for all sites if Internet Explorer is used in Windows 2003. To use the WebSpellChecker application, add the site to the “Trusted sites” security zone in Internet Explorer.

In Order to Check Current Status of the WebSpellChecker.net Application Please Use the Following Links: