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Installation and Configuration of WebSpellChecker application under Apache Tomcat

This installation guide is intended to provide step-by-step installation instructions of the Licensed version of the WebSpellChecker application under Oracle WebLogic application server.

Steps described below are actual for WebSpellChecker Application version equal 4.8.8 or higher. If version of your current WebSpellChecker Application is lower than 4.8.8 follow this link.

Note: WebSpellChecker Application requires Java version equal to 7 or higher.

Step 1: Install WebSpellChecker Licensed Version

Step 2: Activate license

To proceed with the license activation, first of all you need to get ticket ID. You must use a combination of your username, License Request string and a License Reply string to activate a license.

Step 3: Define environment variables

Set ${WSC_DIR} environment variable pointed to the WSC installation path directory.

Step 4: WebSpellChecker application configuration under Apache Tomcat

Note: Steps below is provided as example of basic deployment procedure for default settings of Apache Tomcat servers

  • Copy spellcheck.war from ${WSC_DIR}\WebComponents\J2EEServersComponents folder to the ${catalina.home}\webapps directory of your Apache Tomcat
  • Start Apache Tomcat Server (stop and then start if it has been already run)

Note: spellcheck.war should be automatically unpacked, if something goes wrong - unpack it by yourself.

Step 5: Verify Deployment Results

The WebSpellChecker package has been set up on WebLogic Application Server. To configure the WebSpellChecker application on your Application Server, please perform the following:

Run the following commands to verify the WebSpellChecker application operability:

  • WebSpellChecker application samples:
  • WebSpellChecker application version:
  • WebSpellChecker application status:

Correct response for Windows OS:

Spell Check Engine is ACTIVE 
Grammar Engine is ACTIVE
Thesaurus Engine is ACTIVE 

Correct response for Linux OS:

Spell Check Engine is ACTIVE 
Grammar Engine is NOT ACTIVE 
Thesaurus Engine is ACTIVE 

ACTIVE status means that an Engine works properly. NOT ACTIVE status means that an Engine is not enabled or does not work properly. Also NOT ACTIVE status appears for the Grammar-check Engine in case with the installation under the Linux-based environments.

Please contact us at support@webspellchecker.net if you have any questions or need any help with the WebSpellChecker application installation.

Appendix: Logging mechanism

The main configuration file names log4j.xml and locates in */spellcheck/WEB-INF/classes/* folder.

To find more info about preferences follow this manual