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Removing profanity words from SSCE dictionary.

To remove some profanity words from SSCE dictionary please follow the steps below:

  • Open directory [WebSpellChecker installation folder]/AppServer
  • Open AppServerX.xml
  • Find the line
	 <Dictionary FullPath="lex/ssceam2.clx"></Dictionary>
  • Add the following line before it.
	<Dictionary FullPath="lex/exclude.tlx"></Dictionary>
  • Check that <Language Id=“am”> looks like the following.
<Language Id="am">
        <!-- primary lexicon is the lexicon that is loaded into the SSCE session for the given language and remains there permanently -->
        <Dictionary FullPath="lex/exclude.tlx"></Dictionary>
        <Dictionary FullPath="lex/ssceam2.clx"></Dictionary>
        <Dictionary FullPath="lex/keywords.clx"></Dictionary>
        <Dictionary FullPath="lex/ssceam.tlx"></Dictionary>
  • Create a text file with the name exclude.tlx in the lex subdirectory (the sample one can be found in zip archive).
  • Add the words you would like to exclude to this file in the following. Words must be case-sensitive sorted


  • Stop and start AppServer