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Installing WebSpellChecker.net Application on Linux

Before the Installation Please Review

Please note that the WebSpellChecker.net application server should run on CGI capable web-server (such as Apache) with enabled CGI handler.

Please follow the step-by-step instruction to install the WebSpellChecker.net application on Linux.

1. Request installation package for Linux

If you already have the installation package just skip this step.

  • Fill in all necessary fields, specify exact platform (x64 or x84) and request the installation package .
  • Installation package with WebSpellChecker.net ticket will be sent to specified in the form e-mail

2. Install WebSpellChecker.net application

  • Unpack content of the WSC_SCAYT.<VERSION>.tar.gz to your home directory
  • Change your working directory to “WSC”
  • Execute:
    sudo perl automated_install.pl
  • Follow installation instruction

3. Request the License

To get a WebSpellChecker.net license you need to use a combination of the following options:

  • Your user or company name
  • License Request string
  • License Reply string

The following procedure describes how to get the License Request and License Reply strings.

  • During the installation you'll be asked to request the license for Application Server.
    Or you can request the license later by executing command
    sudo sh <WebSpellChecker.net_Installation_Dir>/WSC/AppServer/requestLicense.sh

    Where <WebSpellChecker.net_Installation_Dir> is the path to the directory where you installed the WebSpellChecker.net application (by default it is ”/opt/“)

  • Enter your name or your company on the “Please enter UserId” prompt. Your License Request string is generated and displayed below.
  • To get a License Reply string, follow the instructions in the e-mail message with the subject “WebSpellChecker.net Tickets for license request”, which you should have already received.

Important: You can terminate the requestLicense.sh script while waiting for a License Reply string. You can re-start this script at any time. Make sure that the “UserId” parameter is the same user name as the one for which the License Request string was generated.

  • When you receive a License Reply string, enter it in the line on the “Please enter license reply” prompt.
  • The script displays the message “License confirmed” if the License Reply is correct.

4. Start WebSpellChecker.net Application Server

To check the spelling on Web sites, WebSpellChecker requires its Application Server to be running.

After getting a license, you need to run the WebSpellChecker Application Server.

5. Test WebSpellChecker.net application

To test WebSpellChecker.net application try one of the following ways:

  • Try to access via browser http://<spellcheck_host>/spellcheck/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=ver. Where <spellcheck_host> is the web server where WebSpellChecker.net application is installed.
    Application version should appear.

  • Try to access via browser http://<spellcheck_host>/spellcheck/proxy/sproxy.<extension>?cmd=ver. Where <extension> is the extension of your sproxy version and <spellcheck_host> is the web server where WebSpellChecker.net application is installed.
    SProxy component version should appear.

  • Try to access the WebSpellChecker.net default sample pages http://<spellcheck_host>/spellcheck/samples/. and check correct work of SCAYT and WSC saples. Where <spellcheck_host> is the web server where WebSpellChecker.net application is installed.
    Note that you need to update a sample page by specifying correct path to the sproxy.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions to Technical support.