WebSpellChecker.net Wiki

License activation on Linux

To proceed with license activation first of all you need to get ticket ID. It could be Unlimited or Trial. There is no difference between ticket types from technical perspective. They differ only in the validity period.

The ways you can obtain the license ticket are listed below:

Step 1. Access License Request page

1.1 Open the License Request page in your browser: http://www.webspellchecker.net/account/license/license_request.pl

1.2 Enter ticket ID into appropriate form. The ticket ID is a twenty-five character string which is provided by the WebSpellChecker.net Team or sent in subscription e-mail.

Step 2. Launch the WebSpellChecker.net License service.

2.1 Go to the installation directory of the WebSpellChecker.net application. By default its /opt/WSC 2.2 Go to AppServer directory and launch License service:

sudo sh requestLicense.sh

Step 3. Generate License Request

The License Request is a unique encoded string which contains specified UserId and description of your system the license will be bound to. 3.1 First of all please enter UserId. It could be your or your company name, email address, etc.

3.2 Than copy generated License request string.

3.3 Don't close the service's window. It will be used for completion of license activation in Step 5.2.

Step 4. Submit License Request

4.1 Go back to the License Request page: http://www.webspellchecker.net/account/license/license_request.pl 4.2 Insert copied License Request string from Step 3.2 into appropriate field.

4.3 Submit form

Step 5. Get License Response

Once the License Request on-line form is submitted the License Response will be automatically sent to the email address of the license owner (to whom the license ticket was sent initially). 5.1 Copy License Response string from e-mail 5.2 Go back to the WebSpellChecker.net License service's form and insert License Response string into appropriate filed.

5.3 Complete license activation.