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Suggestions prioritization feature for the WebSpellChecker.net application

The functionality is designed to provide an ability to manipulate with priority and order of suggestions (spelling corrections) for misspelled words. By using the functionality becomes possible to achieve any flow of suggestions generation (i.e. change the order of suggestions in the list, add the most frequently used suggestion which isn't offered in first set of suggestions, etc.)

The custom prioritization rules can cover a wide range of phonological and orthographic errors and take care also of common typos and common errors cussed by the impact if local dialects.

Configuration file with custom suggestion generation rules

Name format: custom_suggestions_prioritization_rules_lang-ID.ini . Example for English language: custom_suggestions_prioritization_rules_en_US.ini Target location: [WSC_installation-path]/AppServer/ Extension: .ini Encoding: UTF-8

File structure:

case-to-be-replaced [space] target case(s)
case-to-be-replaced [space] target case(s)
case-to-be-replaced [space] target case(s)
blank line


# Category name Description
1 ANY_POSITION Any position in the word
2 WORD_INITIAL First Character of the word
3 FIRST_OR_SECOND First or second Character of the word
4 MIDDLE_OF_THE_WORD Non-Initial Non-Final (Middle of the word)
5 END_OF_THE_WORD End of word


z s
teh the

It means that the suggestion “cats” will have highest priority for the misspelled word “catz” and the suggestion “the” will have highest priority for the misspelled word “teh”.

Application server configuration

  • Open the AppServerX.xml file located in the next directory for editing: [WSC_installation-path]/AppServer/
  • Find the next block of directive <MixedProviderSettings> </MixedProviderSettings>
  • Add the Suggestion prioritization block of directives before the MixedProviderSettings block: