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Troubleshooting the WebSpellChecker.net application crashes

This feature is available in the WebSpellChecker.net application version and higher.

Crash dumps

A crash dump is a file on disk, which records a partial state of the application when some critical events happen forcing the app to potentially work improperly or terminate (crash). Usually it's very small and occupies about 30 KB.

These files can help immensely in analyzing the particular error, situation or condition which caused the termination. You need to provide the dump file itself and application's log file to determine its version.

Dumps locations

The particular path where dumps will be written differs depending on the OS used:

  • linux: /var/tmp/wsc/$appname
  • windows: %PROGRAMDATA%\wsc\%appname%

where appname is one of: appserver or cgi name (ssrv, sproxy, dlongcid).

The name of the dump file itself is represented by a generated UUID and looks something like this: 36deb5dd-5338-481f-b1c9-b879121ede32.dmp. The only purpose of this naming scheme is to eliminate the possibility of names collision. You can see the chronology of dumps by sorting them by date-time.

Test console parameter

There is a console parameter available for AppServerX to test crash dumps writing. You can call the AppServerX binary with the following parameter:


and it should force the application to create a mini dump file in the specified above location. It allows to test if dumping works properly and all permissions for the path are set up correctly.