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Free vs Paid Hosted version in CKEditor

The Free versions of WebSpellChecker (WSC) and SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) products are provided as plugins which integrated by default in CKEditor WYSIWYG editor. The Free version is available with a banner ad and has some limitations in the functionality in comparison with the Hosted Paid services provided by WebSpellChecker.

More detailed comparison analysis is presented below in the table.

Comparison table of WebSpellChecker Free and Paid services in CKEditor

# Description Free Hosted PAID
1 Overview Free version of SCAYT and WSC products is built-in by default in CKEditor WYSIWYG editor with a banner ad. CKEditor users can migrate from Free to WebSpellChecker Paid services and get rid of the banner add and receive additional benefits.
2 Pricing Free $250 per year*
3 Banner Ad Yes No
4 Technical Support No Yes
5 User Interface Customizations No Yes
6 Default languages 6 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Italian (from the end of July 2017) 16 languages
7 Additional languages (140+ languages) No Yes
*Paid customers can extend the default list of languages and add any of the additional languages to the list of supported languages for an additional one-time fee.
8 English Grammar Yes Yes
9 Custom Dictionary No Yes
*Paid customers can use the functionality of Custom Dictionaries that is aimed at extending a list of words in the default dictionaries with your custom words. It helps to improve the quality of spelling check services.
10 User Dictionary
*User Dictionary functionality is aimed at end-customers that allowing them to create personal dictionaries.
*User Dictionaries are not separated and available for all the customers who uses a free version of CKEditor.
*User Dictionaries are separated and tied to separate customer ID, thus they are more secure.
11 Data Security (SSL version)
*WebSpellChecker services can be used over HTTP/HTTPS
Yes Yes
12 Account Management No Yes
*Paid customers has a personal page on the WSC website that allows managing account and monitor statistics.

*Pricing package “Plus” - please ask details about all pricing packages here: info@webspellchecker.net